Why should you choose Blessed Trinity for your child?

Our parents sum it up best!

“Today was the last first day of school at Blessed Trinity for my daughter. In September 2009 I dropped her off for her first day of Pre-K with Mrs. O’Brien. This morning she was greeted in the school yard by Mrs. O’Brien. I had promised myself I wouldn’t get emotional. I was doing great until this happened! I flashed back to her as a 4 year old being greeted for the first day of school by this same wonderful teacher. The time has gone by just too fast! She started this journey at St Timothy’s and will end it in June at Blessed Trinity. At this school she not only received an amazing education but she received inspiration, guidance and lessons that will last her whole life. She is learning to not only be a great student but to be a great person too. She is learning to be a leader and mentor. It’s just amazing to watch it all happen, to watch her grow. Although her journey is in its final chapter, another child’s just began today with Mrs. O’Brien. I pray that they enjoy it as much as we have. Blessed Trinity is a fantastic school with caring and kind teachers and staff. It is truly worth every penny! To all the new PreK moms….Don’t blink because before you know it, you’ll be the mom of an 8th grader crying and writing sappy Facebook posts! 💙”

Mrs. L is a proud parent of 3 wonderful Blessed Trinity students.