Sullivan, Miss Lauren–Grade 3-2

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Welcome to third grade! I’m so excited to begin the school year, bring on the learning and the fun!



Our class mascot- Wentzy

Each child will get a chance to bring him home for the weekend and write about what they did in a binder. Your child will bring him home on a Friday and return him to school the following Monday. I am asking for at least two journal entries and either a picture taken and placed in the binder or a picture drew. I am excited to hear what the children do with him and for them to share with the class!




























Our classroom will be using the Remind App as a tool of communication throughout the year. Once you download the free app and fill in our class code (bt3rdgrade) you will start to receive different reminders that I will send out throughout the week. I will confirm with you that you are added once I see you signed up!

Feel free to contact me at anytime if you have questions or concerns. Thank you, together we can make this a successful school year! 🙂

Happy Birthday!

Student of the month for September and October 🙂


Gotcha Ticket Winners 🙂