Petrucci, Mr. Glenn–Grade 5-14

                                                                January 2019
           Hopefully you had a joyous and restful Christmas and New Year’s. We are quickly reaching the mid-point of the second trimester (the halfway post of the school year!). In ELA, the students are being taught to think more in-depth as to their questioning and to answer questions with supporting details that back up their opinions. You might notice that your child lost points on their short essay question from their reading comprehension test due to inadequate supporting detail. We do rehearse these questions prior to taking the test; I realize that this is more than has been asked of them in previous grades. These are the expectations that they will face during standardized tests now and in their secondary classes.
If you have any questions regarding any issue that you see in the classroom, please don’t hesitate to email me.
Glenn Petrucci