Mrs. King’s History with BTRCS

sttimothysmallMy name is Theresa Gleason-King. I first stepped foot into St. Tim’s School in September 1964.  I was a first grade student in Room 102. Sister Marie Barbara was my teacher.  Photographers from the Philadelphia Inquirer came to our school to take pictures of my homeroom’s first day.

My second grand entrance into St. Timothy School was in 1984 as a teacher. I taught fourth grade from 1984-1990.  One of my grade partners was my former teacher, Mrs. Plakis.  Another grade partner, Ms. Johnston had also taught at St. Tim’s when I attended as a student.That was an interesting experience.  During this time, the students changed classes for different subjects.  It was departmental.  I believe the only “specials” were Gym class and Library.

In June 1990, I left St. Tim’s because I was getting ready to become a mom.  In 1996, I began teaching at St. Therese School in Mount Airy.  I worked there until June 2004, when it closed its doors.

When thinking about where to apply for a job, the first place that came to mind was St. Tim’s.  In 2004, I became a fourth grade teacher at St. Tim’s again! This time, grade four is self-contained.  The students stay in their homeroom, except for their five “specials.”  Specials include Library, Technology, Art, Music, and Gym class.  When we merged in 2012, Spanish classes began for grades Pre-K to eighth.

As you can tell, I have been blessed to have a history with St. Tim’s that includes twenty year intervals: 1964, 1984, and 2004.  I am proud to be a part of the St. Timothy tradition.

In 2012, St. Timothy School merged with Pope John Paul II School to become Blessed Trinity Catholic School.  PJP was a merger of St. John Cantius and All Saints School.  We are blending old traditions while making new ones. I’m proud to be part of the St. Timothy tradition and to have the chance to move forward with Blessed Trinity traditions.