Morning Drop Off Procedure

Please remember that the safety of all of our children is important.
Once again, take a few minutes to review these procedures.

Once again thank you!

1. No double parking on Hawthorne Street. Please use the Car Loop line when dropping your children off.
2. Do not park in the school parking lot at dismissal.
3. No parking in the bus zone. This is for the school buses only.
4. Do not drop your children off in the middle of the street and have them cross the street into oncoming traffic.
5. Do not park in the driveways on Hellerman Street. These are private driveways not public streets.

Let’s all work together to make sure that all of our children arrive at school in the morning and leave from Blessed Trinity safe and sound each and every day. Please refer to the first day of school letter for more information on morning drop off and dismissal.

Thank you!