Blessed Trinity FAQs

Does your school offer scholarships or financial aid?

Yes! If your child is entering 1st – 8th grade and coming from public, charter or home school they are eligible for a $1,500 Tuition Transfer Grant

You can also apply NOW for scholarships and aid!  Use the following links:

Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia

Facts Grant & Aid

What are the school hours?

A normal day begins at 7:40 AM and ends at 2:50 PM

What specials does your school offer?

All students from Pre-K 3 through 8th grade have Spanish, Lab Learner Science Lab, Physical Education, Technology, Art, Music and Library.

Are there afterschool activities?

Yes! We offer plenty of after school activities for students. There are also plenty of opportunities for student to get involved in school life and community service.

Do you offer before & after cares?

Yes!  Before CARES starts at 6:30 AM

After CARES end at 6:00 PM. All students in after cares receive a drink, snack and help with their homework!

Do you offer a breakfast or lunch program?

Yes!  All students qualify for FREE breakfast and FREE lunch!

Is bus service available?

Yes! As long as you live within the limits of the City of Philadelphia your child is eligible for free bus service.

Does your school have sports?

Yes! We have a variety of sports including soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball and swimming. Swim team starts in 1st grade and all other sports begin in 3rd grade.